Long-running horror metal band Necrophagia were on hiatus in the mid-1990s when Pantera singer Philip H. Anselmo convinced frontman Killjoy to exhume the band. Anselmo ended up taking part in the bands next three albums.

While Necrophagia and Anselmo have both since moved on, Killjoy reflected on collaborating with Anselmo, a true ambassador of extreme metal. "Working with Philip was amazing at the time," Killjoy says. "He was very passionate about Necrophagia and we worked extremely well together for a long time. I don't have any stories I wanna share, [but] he was solely responsible for the resurrection of Necrophagia. I loved working with him, and now it's part of our long legacy and history."

Working with Anselmo remains in the rear view, but that hasn't slowed Necrophagia down. "I'm much more excited about the future than the past," Killjoy said.

The band's present includes their latest album, 'Deathtrip 69,' which is chock-full of Necrophagia's trademark gruesome gore metal attack, spine-chilling horror movie samples, and ripping riffs.

Watch the video for 'Embalmed Yet I Breathe'