Nashville Pussy are anchored by the husband and wife combo of mustachioed guitarist/frontman Blaine Cartwright and curly-mopped guitarist Ruyter Suys, which is pronounced "Rider Sighs." The beer-swilling, riff-tossing, lick-trading pair and their band just released 'From Hell to Texas,' which the lovably trashy Suys deems "our revenge album." Suys also tells Noisecreep, "We're gonna kick the world while it's down. We've been touring the hell outta Europe with The Supersuckers and it has been a historical rock tour so far, including our first ever gig North of the Arctic Circle." The band will bring their Southern fried -- they're actually from Atlanta -- and delightfully irreverent r-a-w-k to "a shitload more festivals this summer," according to Cartwright's missus.

As for how she and her hubby "make it work" as bandmates and lifemates, Suys says, in her typical, down and dirty, expletive-laden way, "I don't know what to say about Blaine and I. It's a one night stand gone real wrong," Suys says. "We are still married, 16 years now. [That's] f*cking nuts for something that pretty much started with a dare. I guess when people warn you and say 'Don't f*ck on the first date' or 'Everyone falls in love while on acid,' they were warning 'normal' people. We're lucky as hell to have each other, since no one else would put up with this shit. We are each other's biggest fan and we both get the best seat in the house every night." With half of today's marriages ending in divorce, rockin' and rollin' is the secret to Cartwright's and Suys' success on stage and off. 'From Hell to Texas' is in stores now.