Mutiny Within

Since the much discussed and oft-maligned MTV reality show 'Jersey Shore' had its December premiere and has gone on to inspire the ire of Jerseyites and those of Italian heritage, the show's immense amount of bad press has been met with equally high ratings! Even MTV employees have felt the displeasure of people through death threats over claims that the hour-long episodes depict Italian Americans and the state of New Jersey in a bad light.

We figured we should ask a metal man of New Jersey, like bassist Andrew 'A.J.' Jacobs of Mutiny Within, for his take on the show. "I think it's hilarious. I watch it every week," Jacobs tells Noisecreep with no pause when asked. "I love it."

Jacobs himself is quite confounded by people's claims that the show makes his home state look bad and he feels those that think so aren't paying attention to one of the simplest facts about the show. "People need to understand these people are not from Jersey. They're from New York. One of them, I think, is from Connecticut." Only one cast member is actually a resident of the state; that would be Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola. "They're just hanging out at the Jersey Shore, everyone needs to understand that."

Jacobs does have a message for those that do feel ruffled by 'The Real World' meets a hair care commercial. "Relax. Shows push buttons and that's just how it is," he laughs. "What are they worried about? That someone watching the show has never met an Italian person and are gonna think that every person is like that?"

This kind of controversy heaped on a television show over Italian American 'characters' in New Jersey has happened before, of course. Many have forgotten the uproar that 'The Sopranos' raised when it first aired, but Jacobs does, as the mobster drama was one of his favorite shows of all time. "I've seen every episode a few times, and I wanted them to take it further," he said. "I was never concerned with how people were going to depict how Italians or the mafia are. It's a TV show. Let's have a little fun."