It's been three years since Mushroomhead released new material, and depending on who you talk to, that's either a good thing or a bad thing. Regardless of where you stand when it comes to Mushroomhead, the band is preparing to unleash its seventh studio set, which, at this point, they're about 75-percent finished with. Look for it to drop sometime next year.

"We've been working all year," explains Waylon, who swung by the Noisecreep offices recently with St1tch. "We took a little bit of time off this year, and didn't do much touring, so we've been working on that. We're kind of stepping out of the box right now, getting away from it a little bit, and as soon as this tour is done, we're gonna get back to it. So, hopefully, it'll be out in February so, the process ... we've just gotta do some polishing and a couple extra vocals here and there and it should be done."

At the moment, Mushroomhead are touring the States with Hed (p.e.) and Straight Line Stitch, and chances are the band may test some of the new stuff out while on the road.


"I think our fans are gonna be really impressed with it as well as happy that we ... we never really stray too far from the style," says St1tch. "It always just matures in a positive way. It definitely taps into some older elements from the older releases and way more towards the old school vibe that the band used to have. That quirky, unpredictable, anything-goes mentality. Half the album is a horror movie soundtrack, the other half's a metal record. But it's good. It's all over the map. There's the heavy songs, the slow songs, the oddball songs, and I think all our fans are gonna dig it."

Mushroomhead are psyched about the Hed (p.e.) trek, and used a recent appearance at the Gathering of the Juggalos as a warm-up for the tour.

"We can get in a room together and it's just mutual respect for each other," Waylon says of Hed (p.e.). "I respect what they're doing, they respect what I'm doing. It's no, 'Well, I'm the bigger rockstar,' 'Well, I'm the bigger rockstar.' There's none of that, it's just mutual ... doing what we're doing and enjoying each other's set."

The band's still mulling over titles for the disc, but joked that they might name it 'Ohiowa,' a play on rival band Slipknot's 2001 LP 'Iowa.'

"There's a lot of ideas on the table, I think we're kind of just waiting to know what the overall theme of the record's gonna be," said St1tch. "There's still some things that are being finished, some lyrics here and there, some concepts here and there, so once the initial theme is together, we'll come up with an album title but there's a lot of working titles right now ... we just haven't officially released anything yet."