Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste has a sort of formula for creating set lists. The thrashers try to play a different variation of songs every night. When the crowd doesn't react well to the band's set, the band learns its lesson. "We don't f---ing play the songs in that order anymore," frontman Tony Foresta told Noisecreep.

During the band's last headlining tour, they only played two songs off of 'Massive Aggressive.' But on the post New England Metal and Hardcore Fest tour dates with Toxic Holocaust and on a couple dates in Japan, Municipal Waste have a different set list plan in mind.

"We're going to be playing half the [new] album on this tour -- which is weird for us, because we usually just do three songs from each album and then maybe a little more on the newer stuff. But we usually focus on the older stuff. With this one, we're kinda like, 'F--- it.' It's more for ourselves on this tour because we've been touring for a long time on this record."

It's true. Even secondary markets have probably had several visits from Municipal Waste in the last two years. The vocalist said the band isn't in a rush to make a new album but are discussing it.

"I was just talking to Ryan the other day, 'We should probably start writing songs again,'" Foresta said.