On their recent tour, Municipal Waste played the Key Club in Los Angeles, and bassist Land Phil was sure he'd seen members of Steel Panther flying through the air before. When they arrived at the venue, he discovered that it had a permanent rig that can allow stage members to soar over the crowd, and were given the green light by the stage manager.

"I think I went up in the air about three times before the doors opened," Land Phil recently told Metal Martyr. As the set went on, Phil became increasingly nervous, but was eventually hovering about [20 feet] in the air over the audience. "I remember thinking 'these Waste fans are really getting their money's worth eh?'" There's also a video of Land Phil's flight over at MetalSucks, where you can also catch Santa doing a beer bong.

Municipal Waste are still on tour, but won't have a flight rig on hand. You can still expect a heavy dose of mayhem, as their live shows are the stuff of legend.