For their latest album, 'Make It a Double,' Mower became something of a Jekyll and Hyde. Having done hardcore, punk, metal and rock music for a decade now, they decided to continue offering some "unforgiving songs with cutting lyrics and subject matter" to core fans. But the band flipped the switch, ambitiously giving fans more. Rather than offer a special edition packed with extra odds and ends, Mower attempted a more extreme sonic shift.

"What's left to do to stir things up nowadays?" vocalist Brian Sheerin tells Noisecreep. "Nothing's shocking anymore. We wanted to do music that stepped away from what was predictable for our band with our new alter-ego, Slower." Therefore, 'Make it a Double' is half-Mower, half-Slower.

The Mower tracks "mix it up with topics that include the comedy that is the L.A. nightclub scene, family dynasties monopolizing our government, drug-related chaos and loss, the hijacking of religion by organizations that are anything but religious, the sick state of health care in our country and last, but not least, aliens," Sheerin reveals. make guitar guest appearances on the album, too.

So what about the other personality, Slower, who sport Mohawks, shaved heads and fedoras -- and are adorned by dancing girls and henchmen on stage? Sheerin describes Slower as a "lounge band from a [Quentin] Tarantino flick. Slower emerges dressed in suits, like a punk band headed to court. Where the Mower vibe is Jägermeister shots and whiskey, Slower are sipping scotch and smoking cigars." It's all starting to make sense now, isn't it? Sheerin explains further, "Slower dismantles Mower songs and reassembles them musically and vocally with only the lyrics, sarcasm and attitude remaining."

The Slower songs also feature an impressive guest list, including Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga and guitarists Mikey Doling of Snot and Anthrax's Rob Caggiano. Slower boasts the same exact members of Mower, although Slower does feature a few more bodies in the live setting. So how will these multitaskers will pull it off live?

"It will vary from tour to tour, whether we perform as Mower or Slower, or a combination of both bands," Sheerin said. Picture members of Tony Soprano's crew dancing to some toe-tapping funk and you've got something to look forward to!