Drink up, you bastards!

Motörhead have followed Motörhead Shiraz, their very own brand of red wine, and Motorhead Vodka, with Motörhead Bastards Lager, their very own beer. We see a pattern here and it's that all factions of Motörhead fans will be pleased with their range of libations. With this addition to their portfolio of alcoholic drinks, there is something for everyone's alcoholic beverage preference.

The beverage is brewed at Krönleins in Sweden and is available for order in whole case form via Systembolaget, the Swedish state liquor shop. There are 24 bottles in a case, so Swedish fans can enjoy at their next headbanging party.

Lemmy and co. have conquered the liquor market, as the Motörhead Shiraz was a runaway success, selling over a quarter of a million bottles since being issued a year ago.

"You're never too old for rock 'n' roll and good chilled beer. That always works well together!" said drummer Mikkey Dee about the new beeer. You can say that again!

The brewers recommend chilling Bastards Lager, which boasts the signature Motörhead logo on the bottle, and pairing it with freshly grilled burgers. It is a light lager meant to be enjoyed by beer fanatics and casual sippers.

Yes, our mouths are watering.