A strange concert danger for long haired headbangers has revealed itself. An inquest was ordered after an incident where a Motörhead fan had died after engaging in an argument with a fellow fan at a Motörhead concert which took place at the O2 Academy in Leeds, England last year. It all started when someone's hair was set on fire...

...Apparently, an attendee set someone's hair on fire and the man's friend, Andrew Crawford, was so incensed by this action that he and his cousin Neil Chevill confronted the pyro-using fan and his companion. Crawford demanded an apology for his rude act against their friend. A fight ensued and Crawford hit his head on a railing and fell to the ground. He was pronounced dead a few hours after the incident.

The firestarters that Crawford confronted initially left the scene of the accident, but turned themselves in the next day. They are awaiting bail, but have not been charged at this time, reports The Yorksire Post.

Crawford's tragic and senseless death reminds us that when traveling in open spaces, bother no one. Don't start none, won't be none. What a shame for all involved. How sad that sticking up for his friend ended in such tragedy.

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