Motionless in White's debut, 'Creatures,' comes out today, and it's a fitting record for the autumnal season. Singer Chris Cerulli lives Halloween 24/7 and even has some Halloween tattoos -- one of which being the word tattooed across his hand. But that's not the only ink he has adorning his extremities. He also has quite an embarrassing, Halloween-related tattoo scrawled across his knuckles, one he is in the process of fixing.

"Oh man yes, it's pretty embarrassing, but it's being taken care of now," Cerulli told Noisecreep. "For years, I've had the words 'kiss kiss' tattooed on my knuckles. And then about a year ago, I wanted to get the second row of knuckles tattooed. I knew I wanted 'Lost Boys,' but never thought about linking the first row with it. So after I got it tattooed, no one in the room noticed that my left hand then said 'kiss boys.' I couldn't believe it when we all realized it after it was done. But I'm currently getting the 'kiss kiss' lasered off. Make sure you think carefully about your tattoos beforehand, kids!"

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'Kiss boys' aside, Cerulli does have the word 'Halloween' tattooed right on his right hand, which was more thought out. "I got [Halloween tattoos] as a representation of how my lifestyle reflects on Halloween standards, and how much I love everything about it," he said. "I feel like if you're going to tattoo your hands, you should really make it count, and I couldn't think of anything better [to] show who I am."

With All Hallows' Eve on the horizon, Cerulli is more than prepared for the ghoulish holiday. And that goes beyond just Halloween tattoos. For the past four years, he has maintained the same costume and has dressed up as Michale Graves from the Misfits for the holiday. This year will be no different. "We have a show this year for Halloween, but that's still not going to stop me from making it five years in a row," he said.

Surprisingly, his favorite Halloween candy is the one a lot of people hate the most. "Candy corn, of course," he said. "I love caramel apples as well, but candy corn just destroys all!"

'Creatures' is out today via Fearless Records, and the band is currently on tour with Black Veil Brides.