With their self-titled debut album now in stores, MonstrO has been out on the road with Black Tusk and Thou. For those who don't already know, MonstrO features bassist Kyle Sanders (ex-Bloodsimple), drummer Bevan Davies (ex-Bloodsimple, ex-Danzig), guitarist Juan Montoya (ex-Torche) and guitarist/vocalist Charlie Suarez. With riff-rockers Kyng now on the tour (replacing Thou), Sanders reports back with the second entry in their exclusive tour diary for Noisecreep.

"So far, it's been quite the challenge out here. It seems to be getting colder in some places and warmer in others, so every day is a guessing game of how many layers of clothing we'll need as the sun sets. We recently lost an hour of our day due to daylight savings. So, at around 5pm is when the second pot of coffee starts brewing in the ol' RV to keep us from wanting to call it a day. It's quite disorienting.

On the other hand, something's aren't so difficult to see through successfully. Since we travel in an RV, we've been hitting the camps, plugging in, and BBQ'ing all night long. Showers, a pool, and free early bird continental breakfast is pure gold to a weary miner. The only real question at hand once we've settled in is "which KISS DVD is Bevan gonna pull out this evening?"

Once on the road one early afternoon, Tony (FOH) crawls out of his bunk and brings our attention to our muffler that he believes we are dragging behind us at 65mph. Rats...he was right. Luckily for us, the wheels in Kyle's head never stop spinning, and he's underneath the RV within minutes suspending the falling muffler with none other than a few heavy gauge bass strings. Now, if we could only get Tony to put pants on once he wakes up.

We leave you with this conversation between Tony and Juan:

Tony (stepping out of RV bathroom): "Did Gatorade come out with a new tea flavor that I don't know about?"

Juan (interrupting): "No, Tony! Don't drink that...it's piss".

Tony: "I know what it is, Juan. Why is it just sitting in the bathroom?"

Juan: "It's my emergency bottle."

Tony: "Yea, but it's full!"

Juan:" Well, yea...you can throw it away if you want..."

We'll see you all soon...Lick it up!"

Watch 'The Story of MonstrO' Video
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Catch MonstrO out on tour with Black Tusk and Kyng:

12/02 – Atlanta, AL @ Tabernacle

12/08 – Birmingham, AL @ The Nick

12/09 – Shreveport, LA @ Riverside Warehouse

12/10 – Houston, TX @ Rudyards

12/11 – Austin, TX @ Emo's

12/12 – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia

12/14 – Gainesville, FL @Double Down Live

12/15 – Orlando, FL @ Back Booth

12/16 – Miami, FL @ Churchill's

12/17 – Tampa, FL @ Brass Mug