Well, that's what we call planning in advance. Ministry, who broke up and even embarked on the C-U-La-Tour victory lap in 2008, have announced that they will play the annual Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany in 2012, which takes place August 2nd through the 4th.

So what does this mean for Ministry, since band leader Al Jourgensen was not shy about saying that the band would be playing its final shows in '08 and once said that Ministry reunion would be out of the question. Before the final tour, he said, "First of all, who am I gonna get to reunionize with? I'm the f---ing band. So unless I make a reunion with myself... Whatever, no."

Maybe the Wacken promoter offered a payday that was large enough to erase that "whatever, no" attitude that Jourgensen was so adamant about. It'll only have been four years since the band's final show, so isn't this "return" too soon since we hardly had time to miss Ministry? Whatever the case, the German Ministry contingent (and those who travel overseas to catch the festivities) will be no doubt thrilled about this news.

Watch 'Lies, Lies, Lies' from Ministry

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