We're not even going to get into the claim last year that Ministry were breaking up and there would be no more new music. We'll just celebrate the fact frontman Al Jourgensen has decided to drop a new Ministry song, an aggro cover of AC/DC's 'Thunderstuck.' The track became available this week on iTunes, Emusic and other outlets that charge for music.

Ministry's 'Thunderstruck' is a toughed-up but musically faithful version of the original. But the vocals -- outside the characteristic 'ah-ah-ah-ah" parts -- are pure Jourgensen, delivered in a soul-destroying, distorted howl that could pop those slutty inflatable dolls AC/DC use in their stage show.

The timing couldn't be better for Uncle Al, either. The song is coming out right at the time when AC/DC are receiving yet another career resurgence with the 'Iron Man 2' soundtrack, essentially an AC/DC greatest hist package that hit number five on the Billboard album chart when it was released in April.

Speaking of smooth, Jourgensen is releasing the song just a few weeks after putting out the new Revolting Cocks album 'Got Cock?' which features the filthiest, most suggestive album cover we've seen in many black moons. 'Got Cock?' -- the follow-up to 2009's 'Sex-O Olympic-O' -- came out April 13 will little fanfare.

Even the band held back on the hype, promoting the disc with the simple MySpace post, "RevCo's latest platter of disco rock smut, 'Got Cock?' is out now. Pick it up everywhere taboo items are sold - online digital outlets, independent record stores, big box retailers, etc. It is in stock and shipping now from the 13th Planet Store.'

We can live without Jourgensen touring anymore with Ministry. But let's hope the confrontational music keeps coming and coming.