Ministry will release 'From Beer to Eternity' in digipak, CD and vinyl formats on Sept. 10 in North America, but there is a glitch with one of the editions.

There is a some sort of issue with the release of the Fanbox edition of the album, which is the band's thirteenth. Due to manufacturing and customs issues, the Fanbox is being delayed. We're not exactly sure how long it will be held up, but the band did post a note of Facebook to alert fans about the glitch.

MINISTRY FBTE UPDATE... Dear Ministry Fans: From Beer To Eternity Digipak, CD and Vinyl will be in stores Sept 6 Europe and Sept 10 North America. There is a delay on the FANBOX due to manufacturing and customs issues.

Despite Ministry mainstay and frontman Al Jourgensen sending the band off into the sunset multiple times, he was inspired to release this new music after the death of his friend and guitarist Mike Scaccia. After Scaccia was felled by a heart attack, Jourgensen felt like he had no other choice but to release the new album and to celebrate his late friend's legacy, since he was the driving force of the studio sessions.