The rhythmic apple didn't fall far from the tree. Former Dream Theater and current the Winery Dogs drummer Mike Portnoy recently taught his son Max, who has his own band Next to None, how to play Rush's awesome 1980 classic 'The Spirt of Radio.'

Check out the video footage of father and son, side by side, smashing the skins like nobody's business. It's only 30 seconds of playing but we got the point the Portnoys were trying to make.

Max is only 14, but he's clearly inherited his pop's chops behind the kit. Portnoy even posted: "Helping Max learn 'The Spirit of Radio.' He played it better than me!!! I screwed it up ... haha ... that's my boy!" It's not every day that a teenager shows up Mike Portnoy.

We bet that Rush's Neil Peart would be proud of a teenager for ambitiously learning how to play one of his drum tracks. Nice work, Max ... and Mike. We'll give it up for Portnoy, long celebrated as one of the best drummers of his day, even if he did mess up, by his own admission, of course.