Mike Browning is largely responsible for death metal's presence in Florida. It started with Morbid Angel, but his time with Nocturnus was when he made his mark. After being under the radar since the late '90s, his current band, After Death, is mixing new songs.

"Our style of lyrics is also more about the magick and rituals that the ancient Egyptians used," Browning, who is After Death's drummer and vocalist, told Metal Inquisitor. "And we have a full-time keyboard player, so we can make the whole song have more atmosphere instead of just an intro." There are no immediate tour dates lined up, but you can expect to hear a few Nocturnus songs when they finally hit the road again.

Revisiting the Nocturnus years, Browning talked about 'The Key,' which was, in his words, "a concept album about a guy going back in time and destroying Jesus Christ, and taking over the world with future technology that he brought back with him." He detailed the time traveler, and mentioned that he'd played with the notion to turn the concept into a screenplay.