Middle Class Rut have let their dark sense of humor shine in the videos for their breakout singles 'New Low' and 'Aunt Betty,' but for the 'Dead Eye' clip they go more "dark" than "humor."

The Lance Drake directed clip finds frontman Zack Lopez and drummer Sean Stockham on a dark and dreary journey as they take boat trips, hitch rides and brave some cold and overcast weather while traveling through Alaska.

Stockham admitted, "When it comes to videos, we don't really look at treatments. Our very good friend and director extraordinaire, Lance Drake, just says one word, and it's all we need to hear. This time, that word was 'Alaska.'" He added, "The biggest challenge with this video was trying to fit everything into 4 1/2 minutes. We just couldn’t get away from the amazing beauty and the 360 degrees of humbling awesomeness all around us. It went on forever and I felt lucky to have taken it all on.”

'Dead Eye' is featured on Middle Class Rut's most recent album, 'Pick Up Your Head.'