Most metal fans won't ever get a chance to watch a Metallica rehearsal in the flesh. But because the band is so generous with footage, they shared this 24-minute video recap of last weekend's Comic-Con performance in San Diego. The video comes complete with rehearsal footage of 'One' and more and offers a front-row seat to the inner workings of 'Tallica as they hash things out when prepping for a gig. The band also posted the live clip of 'Seek & Destroy,' before which we see two members play musical chairs.

The band played a secret show -- which most fans knew about, making it not-so-secret -- at San Diego's Spreckels Theater on July 19. So if you weren't there, you can pretend you were by watching this clip.

The preview footage is about 14-minutes in length and we see drummer Lars Ulrich getting his arm massaged -- likely not a luxury but a necessity to keep his arm muscles in shape -- as the band quibbles, lovingly, over the set list. They are shown throwing out possible tracks like 'Cyanide,' 'Harvester of Sorrow' and more.

They also shared footage of the performance of 'Seek & Destroy' during the show, and Ulrich and guitarist Kirk Hammett changed places for a few brief moments, with Hammett manning the kit and Ulrich rocking guitar! That happens at about 15 minutes in. Check out Kirk's hair blowing with the fan. Metallica diehards will love this keyhole footage in the practice space and onstage.