Who needs those boring, run-of-the-mill holiday light shows that are created for department store browsers when you can watch this one created by a Metallica fan living in the cozy confines of the suburbs. This could be Anywhere, U.S.A. or if you're a headbanger and you're lucky, on your block.

Santa Claus knuckles down on the guitar, while metal horns light up along the house. The lights on the upstairs windows twinkle in time with the beats and the melody. Santa's little helper (and no, not the dog on 'The Simpsons') smashes away on the skins. Even the snowman to the left of the screen is metal! So black metal isn't the only thing that is grim, frosty and kilt.

The light show is a melody of 'Tallica faves, like "Hit the Lights," "Blackened," "Battery," "One" "Damage Inc.," "Creeping Death" and more.

This light show is enough to make Clark W. Griswold weep with both jealousy and joy, since his home-sized Christmas light set up was pretty massive and astounding in Christmas Vacation.

We'd hate to see this Metallica fan's electric bill at the end of the holiday season!

Watch Metallica Holiday Light Show