Metallica, Bon Jovi and AC/DC rule the worldwide concert scene. The trade magazine Pollstar reported that Bon Jovi sold $201.1 million worth of tickets this past year, a figure split evenly between North American and the rest of the planet. That figure made them the top touring draw in the world. AC/DC placed second, while U2 landed in the third slot. The number four slot went to Lady Gaga, the only non-rock act in the top five. She was followed by Metallica, who raked in $110.1 million from 60 shows overseas.

Interestingly, Bon Jovi, AC/DC and Metallica did not tour on new albums. Bon Jovi's most recent album came out in 2009, while Metallica and AC/DC haven't released new material since 2008. Fans are clearly turning out in droves to hear catalog material from these long-running acts.

Whatever the case, Noisecreep is stoked that four out of five of the top-drawing concert acts were rock 'n' rollers.