Halloween is drawing near and we know a lot of you out there haven't even started to assemble your costumes! You knew this was coming, but you've still managed to put it off. Wouldn't things be a lot easier if you could just buy a mask of your favorite metal mascot and call it a day?

There's a lot of pride in the do-it-yourself ethos when it comes to Halloween costumes, but some of us are so busy there's just no time! It would be lovely if we could have a mask at our door with a few clicks. Unfortunately, if you want to represent your favorite metal mascot, you might have to make that mask at home. That's an easy task if you're a member of GWAR because they make all of their own props, so this would just be another day at the office.

What we want to know is if you want to be the coolest dude or dudette at this year's Halloween party, which metal mascot would you want to show up as? Would you want to burst through the door waving the British flag as Eddie, throw a smoke grenade and walk around as Knarrenheinz, or ride in on a horse in the apocalypse as Set Abominae?

There's plenty of other options too and we want you to vote for What Metal Mascot Would Make the Best Halloween Mask. Voting closes at 11:59 PM ET on Oct. 31.