Despite their name, Memphis May Fire ain't from Tennessee. They're from Dallas, Texas actually. Their latest, 'Sleepwalking,' was released via Trustkill this July, and despite some stops and starts, the band is eager to unleash the music upon the world. New vocalist Matt Mullins, who replaced singer Chase Ryan -- who exited the band due to fatherhood -- has said that the record boasts "more aggressive guitar work" and that it retains the band's Southern fried swagger.

We've heard the tunes and it does have that Southern twang, more so than on the band's debut, a self-titled EP. Another thoroughly southern thing about MMF is that they love a good, ole-fashioned BBQ. "Barbecuing is our favorite pastime," guitarist Kellen McGregor said. "Every night when were home from tour, we hit the BBQ hard!"

Mullins cooks up burgers and dogs, and his band mates called him out as a Starbucks fiend who will make them find a Starbucks location, no matter how far out of the way, while on tour. McGregor said, "We do it because we've spent a few mornings with him without his coffee, and it sucks. This is our first record with Matt, and it wouldn't be half of what it is now without him. It's a slight departure from our EP, which we released two years ago. But we went in a logical direction that is energetic and guitar-driven, but is also very melodic and has a message."

McGregor and Mullins also told Noisecreep that they "tour hard, sleep on floors, eat bad food and go without showering sometimes; but it's all part of the package that comes with this life." If you're a gracious metalhead, clear a space on your couch when the Memphis May Fire boys blow through town.