Suicide Silence

There's been a great deal of speculation regarding just why Suicide Silence were no shows in Reno, Nev., which served as the final stop on Megadeth's tour. Suicide Silence were the tour's openers. Several Web sites, citing Tweets posted by members of Suicide Silence over the weekend, are offering possible explanations for just what happened, but Noisecreep can tell you that yes, Suicide Silence did get the boot.

The band's publicist tells Noisecreep the reports are true, and that an official statement will be coming from the band this week. The publicist would not discuss what led to Suicide Silence's banishment from the remainder of the trek, but the band's Tweets provide some insight into what may have got them bumped. And it had something to do with Dave Mustaine.

According to one statement from the band, "We're sorry to announce that we won't be playing tonight in Reno. Megadeth, Warbringer and Arcanium will still be there so head out and show your support for those awesome bands!" Then, someone close to the band said that they were not allowed to play in Reno "due to Dave Mustaine's ego. Kicked off last two days of tour and had laminates removed."

Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez posted a Tweet supporting this report. "Dave Mustaine kicked us off the Megadeth tour [because] he wanted to take our laminates for a little incident [some] weeks ago, so we told him to f--- off." That Tweet has since been removed.

Suicide Silence's publicist did say that the reports were all true, which means this Tweet from Suicide Silence bassist Dan Kenny was serious. "I would love a fist fight with Dave Mustaine," Kenny, a mixed martial artists enthusiast, writes. "I hear he is quite good at MMA; I would triangle him in a second!"