Dave Mustaine has been bitten by the creative bug. The Megadeth frontman and guitarist tweeted that he is already inspired to write lyrics for new music, despite the fact that the band just issued album No. 14 in the form of 'Super Collider' earlier this year. He also tweeted about other projects he is working on, so he is remaining busy, busy, busy.

Below is Mustaine's tweet, indicating that he is looking at world history and science for inspiration and it has ignited a creative spark.

Mustaine has always penned intelligent, thoughtful and politically provocative lyrics throughout the course of his enviable metal career, and his worldview informs his words, so this tweet and nugget of information should not shock Megadeth fans in the slightest.

With Gigantour wrapping a few weeks ago, the singer certainly has some time to flesh out ideas, getting them out of his head and onto paper, thanks to inspiration from his reading materials. We can't wait to hear the eventual fruits of this labor.

So why the heavy workload and creative burst in recent years? Mustaine stated in an interview earlier this summer, "Time is short -- nobody knows how long they're going to live. I want to write as much as I can while I can."

He also tweeted about some other stuff that is occupying his time which should further excite fans.