Megadeth's Dave Mustaine issued an update about his health, namely trouble with his vocal cords, and the band's upcoming 14th album! He has to cut certain things out of his diet (like chocolate and tomatoes, due to their affect on his voice) and he confirmed that the band will begin tracking the platter next week. [Blabbermouth]

The Hatewear-sponsored tour, simply dubbed 'The Hatewear Tour,' featuring Straight Line Stitch, Defiler and Dead by Wednesday, launches this week. Be sure and check it out, if you want see some quality, affordably priced hard rock. Check out the tour dates here. [Via Press Release]

The Haunted guitarist Anders Bjorler exited the band earlier this month and he has already moved on, and to non-metal pastures. The guitarist is working on a solo album and he is adamant that it is not like his former band's output. "Those of you who are familiar with my soundtrack/movie stuff for The Haunted and At the Gates documentaries will know somewhat to expect. It's inspired by Italian film music from the '60 and '70s, post rock, ambient, progressive, jazz, and Swedish folk music." There you have it. It sure is a departure from The Haunted, both literally and figuratively. But it sounds cool nonetheless. [Blabbermouth]

Take One Car, who hail from upstate New York, have dropped the second video from their sophomore set It's Going to be a Nice Day. The vid is for the song 'I Know Why You Went Into the Woods,' and yes, that's quite a creepy title. Check out the video below: [Via Press Release]

Watch 'I Know Why You Went Into the Woods' Video

Living Sacrifice, Stavesacre, Ghoti Hook and more have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their one-night-only reunion show. The gig is set for Saturday, April 13 in Dallas, Texas. Aside from Living Sacrifice, many of the bands are long-broken up, with members scattered all over the country, so they need a little financial assistance to make the dream a reality. The circumstances of their lives are slightly more challenging at this point, so pulling it off is a task. If you wanna see them all, drop a few coins! [Kickstarter]