Expect nothing but to be surprised on the upcoming Puscifer tour, which runs from the end October through early December on the West Coast and in the Southwest, with East Coast dates expected in 2010. That's because Puscifer is the project of Tool/A Perfect Circle vocalist Maynard James Keenan, who always plays by his own rules and plans to continue to deliver something different every night.

That includes having different players on stage each show. While that might seem like a logistical and tactical nightmare, Keenan is such a thrilling character because of his unconventional methods and means of creating art.

"Whenever you see a city with a double booking, it will be a different performance both nights," Keenan told Noisecreep. Keenan has in the past deemed Puscifer essentially a solo project with a name, and he expanded upon that consideration, saying, "It is a gathering place for other solo projects, as well as mine. Eventually, it will become more of a stable, core band, but initially it is definitely an experimental phase, with people coming and going."

The same goes for Puscifer in the live setting. "It's a rotating cast, and there will be something new every night. That'll make it a task."

Keenan also once dabbled in stand up comedy, and when we asked if he still traffics in that medium, he said, "That depends on how you look at it! Come to see Puscifer and see if that answers your question."