Max Cavalera has his hands full with a new Soulfly album and this mysterious Metal All Stars project that we know little about. There's also that supergroup with Greg Puciato and Troy Sanders. So when is he going to find time for Cavalera Conspiracy, his band with his brother, former Sepultura bandmate and drummer Igor?

This is Max Caverala we're talking about. He is no mere mortal! He always has time for new creative endeavors. He and Igor plan to make a new Cavalera Conspiracy album next year and it will be all grindcore -- short blasts of brain-splattering metal fury. So it's not like it will take tons of time for him to write and record really short, really punishing songs!

"I wanna do a grindcore record with that," Cavalera explained to When pressed on his seriousness about that style, the frontman explained that he wants to try something new, saying, "Yeah, I think it would be really cool. People haven’t heard that from me yet, and I think people will be surprised."

He also professed a love for all things fast and furious, saying, "I love that kind of stuff -- Wormrot, Nails and Pulling Teeth. Just super-heavy with like one-minute songs and kind of old Napalm Death style. I think Igor is going to go for it, man. I think we’re going to pull it out. And then we’ll really shock the world with that."

If there is any project where Cavalera can explore his grindcore interests, it's Cavalera Conspiracy. The guitarist and frontman continued, "It’s always good to do something new, something exciting. I thought of the grindcore idea when I was going through my music collection, and I thought, 'I’ve never done a grindcore album. OK, well maybe it’s time to do one? OK, let’s do it with Cavalera (Conspiracy). OK, let’s do it."