You don't get any more blackened than Marduk. After all, their charred debut was titled 'F--- Me Jesus,' and it was released way back in 1991. Guitarist Morgan Steinmeyer Hakansson, who desires to create only the most nefariously nihilistic black metal ever, was happy, in a grim sort of way, to report to Noisecreep that the band will be able to perform in the United States since vocalist Mortuus has been granted his visa. Looks like Lucifer was pulling some strings for his compadres in Marduk.

"Marduk are delighted to inform you, that after all the countless problems and hardships with the visa situation, the problems have finally been resolved," Hakansson told Noisecreep. "Three members received their visas in good time while the vocalist Mortuus' visa was delayed, which made Marduk miss out on the Blackenedfest. The whole situation became really absurd, but now everything is solved once and for all and Marduk is eagerly awaiting their first USA shows since June 2001!"

2001? Has it really been that long since the band graced our shores with their eviler-than-thou black metal assault? Seems like only yesterday. The band will spread its Satanic seed in Baltimore on August 12, in Philadelphia, Pa. on August 13 and in New York City on August 15.

Marduk are currently working on their next album, titled 'Wormwood.' No release date has been set.