When Mantic Ritual vocalist Dan Wetmore exited the band to return to school and pursue his passion for photography, the remaining members went into crisis mode -- as any dedicated band would. They immediately scrambled for a replacement, instead of freaking out and considering ending the band.

Guitarist Jeff Potts told Noisecreep, "It's something we can only overcome by working hard and choosing the right replacement. We have some people in mind right now, and our good friend Dave Watson, who mixed the 'Executioner' demo, is doing a great job so far, getting ready to fill in for our upcoming dates. It was a big deal when Dan first told us he was leaving. But he was the first one to encourage us to continue, and we're all capable musicians who've been playing together for a long time and enjoy touring, so it's not that hard to continue."

While many people try to put a positive spin on this type of thing, saying 'change is good,' Potts was honest when saying the band doesn't look at the change as exciting and are viewing it as a situation where adversity breeds strength! "Excited might not be the word to describe how we feel, but we're staying positive," he said. "We're seeing the good that can come of this. Having some fresh blood in a band can be a great thing. It's definitely caused us to start practicing more and working harder. We have to prove we can sound as good as we ever did."

The band will be leaving the confines of their native Pittsburgh to embark on three tours this fall. President Obama recently visited the 'Burgh, to which Potts joked, "Perhaps he's a fan of the 'Executioner' album!" Potts said that the G20 summit will be in town in a few weeks, as well. "So if you're a world leader, it's a pretty cool place to hang right now," Potts intoned. "In fact, if any world leaders are reading this, message our band and we can recommend some good restaurants and bars in town."

Mantic Ritual's 'Executioner' was released in March via Nuclear Blast.