Razor & Tie recently announced the addition of Man Made Machine to its expanding rock roster. The Phoenix, Ariz. band will be unleashing its full length debut album, 'Become,' later this month. Produced by Chad Grey and Greg Tribbett of Mudvayne and HELLYEAH, its first single, 'Victim,' has already been racking up plays throughout the country.

"We had been writing and demoing a lot of material and then Chad and Greg from the band Mudvayne let us know that they wanted to produce us. Once we had that all in place, we hooked up with the folks at Razor & Tie and here we are talking today," vocalist Joe Cotela tells Noisecreep about Man Made Machine's trajectory so far. We asked the frontman how the group got on Grey and Tribbett's radar. "Our managers (Izzy Zivkovic of Split Media and Steve Kidd of FM Management) worked with them in the past, plus Chad and Greg also live here in Arizona. So it worked out that they were in town when it came down to make our album. Everything aligned so well for this record."

Man Made Machine's roots can be traced back to The Cover Up, another popular Arizona band that melded pop punk hooks with hardcore-informed dynamics. "Towards the end of that band, we all felt like things had gotten stagnant. We were playing stuff that was influenced by Every Time I Die, which is a band that is obviously amazing. But we had released an album on a label that was a subsidiary of Epic Records and they didn't do a proper job of getting it out there. At that point we felt like it was time to move onto something new musically and in terms of the business stuff too," says Cotela.

Watch 'Victim' From Man Made Machine

'Become' features one massive chorus after the other. It's no surprise that Cotela and his Man Made Machine bandmates looked towards the past for inspiration. "When we decided to start Man Made Machine, we went back and listened to the stuff we had grown up. I'm talking about bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Fuel and White Zombie. It just got to the point where the heavier groups weren't inspiring us. You can say that the '90s alt-rock stuff really inspired us."

As for the future, Man Made Machine will be taking their post-grunge flavored hard rock to the masses, one club at a time. "We're currently out with Fuel and then we'll have some dates with Nonpoint. I don't think we'll be home a lot in the next year or so, but that's fine by me!"

Man Made Machine's 'Become' will be out on September 27th via Razor & Tie. Pre-order it at this link.