Two brave soldiers from Louisville, Ky. cornered themselves between the fridge and the stove to achieve world peace. Horrorcore is the world in question, where fans of Slipknot (maggots) and Insane Clown Posse (juggalos) just can't get along. Videogum brought this up from the depths of YouTube and posted it on their site yesterday.

You see, maggots wear masks and juggalos wear makeup. And for this there is a continuous battle for ... well, no one really knows. Apparently juggalos throw eggs at maggots, and maggots throw 'hate clown love signs' at juggalos. While this chicken-and-egg (no pun intended) cycle of hatred continues to spiral and suck in pubescent teens all over the Midwest, these two martyrs declare the age-old question of peace: "Can't we all just get along?"

It was relieving that their enthusiasm was kept at a PG level. The excitement got so hot towards the end that when the juggalo got down on the floor declaring, "I will gladly get down on my knees" and paused -- well, it was a coin-toss as to which direction this video was going to careen. If it had made sense, it would have been more than a pair of BFFs playing with a hatchet in mommy's kitchen. Oh well.