Lye By Mistake

Lye by Mistake were introduced to the metal world by the album they put out via the label run by the powers-that-be at Guitarist Josh Bauman told Noisecreep that the band's new album, 'Fea Jur,' their first for new label Black Market Activities, finds things growing and changing, including the shedding of vocals. "'Fea Jur' is quite a bit different than our first album," Bauman offered. "Other than the obvious lack of a vocalist, we took more of an interest in developing parts rather than ripping away from them at the most inappropriate times. That approach is novel for a while, but can but can grow old quickly, especially during the writing process."

Bauman also said that going instrumental was not the band's original intention when it sat down to write and record 'Fea Jur.' "But it was a welcome change," Bauman said. "It forced us to go in an unexpected direction that ended in what we believe to be a superior album. If you're the type of person that likes to get your teeth kicked in with every song you listen to, this album probably isn't your thing, and there's more than enough of that out there anyway. 'Fea Jur' is more of an album for music geeks
like us."

The band enjoyed getting a liftoff from Lambgoat, with Bauman saying, "Working with the Lambgoat label was a pleasant experience, especially pissing off all the dips---s that frequent the site. However, making the move to BMA is a logical progression that we are pleased very about."

'Fear Jur' is out now.