"You can believe so much in your own band and what you do – but it's a whole other level when all of a sudden you're getting played on the radio and you're getting this tremendous response live. It blows our minds and we're very happy," Halestorm's Lzzy Hale admits to Noisecreep. "We're getting a lot of radio play, which blows our mind."

It's not fair to classify Halestorm as an overnight success, even if it might seem that way. While 'Halestorm' is considered the band's official debut, it's really anything but. The band has self-released over half a dozen EPs while touring relentlessly. One of the earliest releases, '(Don't Mess With The) Time Man' is a decade old – and recorded when lead singer Lzzy Hale was just 10!

Fighting burnout and road weariness doesn't seem to be a problem for Halestorm – at least not for Lzzy. "We've been primarily a live band for over ten years now. That's the love of our lives." Love, indeed. Lzzy wrote the band's first big single, "I Get Off," from her live experiences and interaction with fans. "We have a very intimate relationship with our fans. It's our own personal satisfaction playing live."

Catch Halestorm live this summer as part of the Stimulate This! tour.