Welsh rockers Lostprophets found themselves in an unenviable position late last year when frontman Ian Watkins was arrested on child sex accusations. While the rocker awaits his trial, the group made the difficult decision to split up. This Readers Poll asks you if you think the band did the right thing in going their separate ways or if it could have been handled differently.

Lostprophets arrived on the scene in 2000 and were named Kerrang's Best British Newcomers while promoting their 'Thefakesoundofprogress' album. Though achieving some success stateside, the band's biggest audience was in Europe where they released five albums including 2012's 'Weapons.'

Given that much history and the thought that had the Watkins' situation not come up, they likely would have been able to better promote 'Weapons' and continue on as a band, do you think they made the right decision? There are several thought processes, as bands have continued with different frontmen over the years with varying degrees of success. The group could have also waited out the court case to see Watkins' fate. But with the charges against him they could also have known that their name might have been tainted whether Watkins was found guilty or not.

Let us know what you think Lostprophets should have done by voting in our Readers Poll below.