Lita Ford"Never get's old, being called a legend!" Lita Ford excitedly admits to Noisecreep. "Not many people get that title, so it's quite an honor! What makes a legend? I don't think there's a 'one size fits all' answer for that. I'm just grateful that people have decided that I fit into that category!"

Lita Ford is considered a legend for her work bringing more women to the forefront of rock. In the '70s, she was a member of the Runaways and then branched out on her own for a massively successful solo career during the Sunset Strip-crazed 1980s.

During the '80s, Lita had it all: sexy videos, a platinum record, a chart-topping duet with Ozzy Osbourne and many rock star romances. She gave it up to marry Nitro singer Jim Gillette, have two boys and move to a deserted island. Trouble is, rock never really leaves your blood, so Lita and Jim collaborated on her new album 'Wicked Wonderland.'

"It was the best experience I've ever had," Lita admits about the recording process with her husband. "Jim and I are soulmates, and we do everything together. You know how twins sometimes finish each other's sentences and weird stuff like that? That's how Jim and I are. It's almost spooky -- we freak a lot of people out."

For all the familial love and bonding that went into 'Wicked Wonderland,' Lita knows the music industry as a whole is much different than it was even a decade ago, admitting the industry is "forever changed." Of course, some things always stay the same. "I do have to admit I still love vinyl and good artwork like we had in the past. That's why we have so much art and why we're releasing a special edition vinyl and picture disc!"

'Wicked Wonderland' is available via JLRG Entertainment.