Whether it's anime or a fashion aesthetic, Linkin Park are not a band to shy away from what truly inspires them as artists. Their knack for combining mixed media is evident with band turntablist Joe Hahn's re-imagining of the popular 'Transformers' character Soundwave.

The limited edition figure, which comes in gold, contains a Linkin Park logo and a cassette deck box which serves as Soundwave's chest plate. Also included in the collection, which costs $150, are the 'Transformers' characters Ravage, Lazerbeak, Buzzsaw, and Ratbat. The set can be purchased at the following site.

Putting a Linkin Park spin to Soundwave was a smart move from Hahn, as the popular Decepticon could hide in plain sight as a microcassette recorder. Fans of the Michael Bay-directed films may also remember Linkin Park's integral connection to the franchise's music, as the group contributed their hits 'What I've Done' to 'Transformers' and 'New Divide' to 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.' One of group's more evocative and reflective songs, 'Iridescent,' is featured on 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon.'

Advertised as an action figure for ages 5 and up, Soundwave is an estimated seven inches tall and is able to transform from a robot to a cassette player. His fellow Decepticon minions are able to fit into his chest, and the batteries can also be fashioned as "projectile launchers." Orders for the limited edition set will start shipping on Sept. 23. If you don't have the disposable income to purchase this Linkin Park transformer, try cheering yourself up with their upcoming Facebook game.