On Feb. 4, Linkin Park brought their 'A Thousand Suns' tour to the most hallowed of all music venues -- New York City's Madison Square Garden. For those of us that weren't lucky enough to be in attendance that night, we'll still have a chance to rock out with the band in the comfort of our living rooms. The folks at Fuse TV will exclusively be broadcasting the Linkin Park concert on Feb. 18 at 9:30 ET. Featuring one of the most thrilling live shows in recent memory, 'Fuse Presents: Linkin Park' will be mandatory viewing for any fan of high energy hard rock.

Linkin Park are encouraging viewers of the televised concert to tweet #LinkinParkonFuse that night and share their thoughts on the experience. The world tour for 'A Thousand Suns' kicked off last October in South America, and it's taken the California group to four other continents since then. The success of the album has clearly influenced the band's hectic schedule, but it doesn't seem like they had planned such a long trek.

"At this point we're writing such great music that I almost want to go do 50 shows around the world and then get right back into making another record," said Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington in a summer 2010 interview with Rolling Stone. If they keep on having the massive success on radio that they've been having lately, it's probably a safe to bet that the guys in Linkin Park will be out on tour for a little while longer.

Tune into Fuse TV on Feb. 18 at 9:30 ET to check out the premiere of 'Fuse Presents: Linkin Park.'

Watch a Day in the Life of Linkin Park

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