Brad Delson isn't following Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington into the cinema, but he will be filling in this week for film star James Franco ('Pineapple Express,' 'Milk'). According to the 'L.A. Times,' Delson, who graduated from UCLA in 1999 with a degree in communication studies, will be taking over the speaking duties at Friday's commencement ceremonies for Franco.

The popular film star pulled out last week, saying he had to be in Ireland for filming, no doubt to the pleasure of the group of students who protested his initial selection, saying Franco was not established enough to be a role model for graduates.

With three hit studio albums, his philanthropy work with Music for Relief, and a scholarship he and his wife set up for UCLA students out of the Huntington Park area, Delson, despite his still relatively young age, seems inspirational enough to us. And that's not even counting his album with Jay-Z and theme song to 'Transformers 2.' What college student could want more than that?