Life of AgonyOn the next episode of ''Creep Show,' we've got our weekly dose of all things news, reviews and interviews, and we've also thrown a little art in the mix to hammer some visual culture into your banging heads.

Our guest artist is Alan Robert, who is best known as the bassist for the '90s New York band Life of Agony. But that's not all Robert's got going on. He's also an amazing illustrator who has his own horror comic book coming out in April, 'Alan Robert's Wirehangers.'

During the show, Robert fills us in on how he got into art, what his comic book is going to be like and what Life of Agony's current and future plans are. And while panelists Amy Sciarretto, Jon Wiederhorn and Chris Harris are gabbing with Robert about metal, comics and horror, Robert freehand sketches a caricature of Noisecreep editor Seth Werkheiser, which he reveals to all at the end of the show. Look for it soon on Ebay (just kiddin')! Check back to watch the full show.