Leaves' Eyes Leaves' Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine is a singer of a band, a solo artist, a mom to a young son, wife of co-vocalist Alex Krull and a marathon runner. While Kristine has been performing much of her life, she was a late bloomer to running. The 33-year-old singer started when she was 30, after the birth of her son.

"As soon as the little one was there, I felt tired. And that whole situation changes your life -- with this new life you care for -- so I thought I needed something that all mommies need, which is just some time for yourself," Kristine told Noisecreep. "Having that gave me so much strength. I started running again as soon as I stopped breastfeeding. My neighbor wanted to do a marathon and said, 'Why don't you come with me?' I had no experience, but eventually, I crossed the finish line a half hour before he did! I have a few prizes, too! I won third place and fourth place in some that I've run."

Kristine has great stamina, having run marathons in excess of 20 miles! Running also helps stimulate her creatively, too. "The whole Leaves' Eyes concept came along as I was running," she admitted. Her currently untitled solo album is due out in 2010, and it differs from her main band because it's natural and more low key. "It's less work ... since it's just me and a couple of instruments and musicians," Kristine said. "I go into studio, which is just crossing the street from my house, since [we have] our own studio. We work for four to five months, and then we have an album finished."

The singer is also a pescatarian -- that is, she eats fish, but not red meat. "I cannot digest it," she revealed. "That's the problem. I get a real hangover from it. I get tired and sick. It wasn't an animal rights thing. I just can't process it. When I travel home to the fjord, my parents have a fishing boat and I catch my fish and eat it. I can get fish down! I only do that twice a year, since it's something I grew up with and part of the culture, so I eat fish twice a year."