Leaves' Eyes drummer Seven Antonopoulos, formerly of Vanilla Ice's touring band and the now-defunct Opiate for the Masses, split from Los Angeles earlier this year and moved to Sweden to take the gig as Leaves' Eyes' drummer. The skinsman, who is now a permanent resident of Sweden but still a U.S. citizen, didn't experience a jolt of culture shock; rather, he is enjoying and absorbing the rest of the world and all it has to offer a metal musician. While Leaves Eyes' are primarily based in Germany, Antonopoulos is in Sweden with his Swedish-born wife, former Drain STH bassist, Anna Kjellberg.

"It's interesting to experience different cultures," the drummer, who is from Dallas but spent eight years in L.A., said. "I love adapting to food, culture and new attitudes. I miss my friends more so than the actual geography of L.A." He took the gig in Leaves' Eyes after meeting singers (and husband-and-wife team) Liv Kristine and Alex Krull while they were touring. "I liked the band and the vibe, and Opiate broke up and Leaves needed a drummer."

The entire Leaves' Eyes album 'Njord' was already recorded, sans drum tracks, so Antonopoulos quickly joined the band, hopped on a plane and laid down his tracks. And the rest, as they say, is history. He also contributed drums to Kristine's forthcoming solo album, as well.

"I was interested in raising my profile in Europe," the drummer also admitted. "I had toured with Vanilla Ice for four years and then did Opiate. I was ready to explore the European market. The world is a big place, and I want to experience and tour other countries. I love it there. Sweden has snow and ice, but it's also got health care and gun control and Meshuggah!"

'Njord' is out now via Napalm Records.