Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton couldn't be more humble about his band's latest, bone-liquefying album 'Wrath' landing at the prestigious #2 position on the Billboard sales chart and moving over 68,000 units upon its February 24 release. But in typical LOG fashion, the band chalks the victory up to a pure love of making music. Oh, and having rad fans, too.

"It's exciting," the long-haired, bearded Morton tells Noisecreep from his home outside of Richmond, Virginia. He just returned home from an overseas tour that saw the band play to several thousand fans in Jakarta, Indonesia. "More than any commercial number, 'landmark' or being number two, we're most excited about the fact that we love this record and had a lot of fun making it. So this big chart debut and all that? It added to our excitement about the record, knowing that it's reached a lot of people and that they're reacting positively and connecting to music we felt so close to. To unleash the music onto the world and to see it connect like it has makes it even more fun for us."

Morton is modest about this incredible achievement, further commenting, "Had this record been #15 or #20 on the charts during its first week, we would not have been any less excited, from our perspective. But it did debut high and we want to thank all of our fans for staying loyal and digging on the music that we make as five people."

'Wrath' is Lamb of God's third album for Epic. The band will hit the road with As I Lay Dying and Children of Bodom on April 2 on the No Fear Energy Tour.