Lamb of God will release 'Resolution,' their seventh studio album, via Epic on Jan. 24. This obviously means frontman Randy Blythe is a busy man these days, but the singer is still carving time out to make a run for President of the United States of America.

Blythe just released a campaign video that he "paid for and produced himself." The video shows the 40-year-old skateboarding, cut up by slides of black and white text that read "Let's get back on our grind, America" and "America, it's time for us to fly again." His campaign billboard is featured in the video too, and includes the snappy and very metal slogan: "F--k the dumb s--t, let's get real here."

Blythe is an active follower of American politics, tweeting regularly about the mainstream candidates. Some of his recent tweets include messages like "I am tired of party lines deciding the fate of the American public" and "If I can run for President for less than two American dollars, then why the fuck is our economy so f--ked up? Something stinks." The latter message refers to the $1.99 video editing app Blythe bought for his iPhone to produce his campaign ad.

The Lamb of God vocalist didn't call a fancy press conference with confetti and balloons to officially announce his candidacy. Instead, he did it his own way via his Tumblr in a post called 'I Want To Be the Big Cheese.' Do yourself a favor and read Blythe's "hat in the ring" post. It's an interesting comment on politics, America and the metal way of life.

Oh and if you want to donate to Blythe's campaign -- too bad. He's not accepting monetary donations.

Watch Randy Blythe's 2012 Presidential Campaign Video