Lamb of God

We're definitely digging all three CDs in the Lamb of God anthology 'Hourglass,' which chronicles the band's career from its earliest days in the mid '90s as Burn the Priest to the most recent Lamb God album, 'Wrath,' which came out in 2009. But the disc we're rocking hardest -- and the one which should have the most appeal to die-hard Lamb fans – is 'The Vault,' which features 18 rare and previously unreleased demos and B-sides.

To help spread the word, Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler has presented Noisecreep an exclusive video of him talking about the first three songs on 'The Vault.'

created 02.06.2009 by S. Kellman


created 02.06.2009 by S. Kellman

brightcove.createExperiences();The opening track, 'We Die Alone,' was the first song guitarist Mark Morton wrote for 'Wrath,' and he came up with it towards the end of the band's tour for their 2006 album 'Sacrament.' The number was included on a previously released special edition of 'Wrath.'

In the first video clip, Adler says the pummeling song "broke the ice for the [rest of the] new material." But he added that, as the songwriting progressed, the band "got further and further away from this kind of song, so the song didn't fit with the idea of 'Wrath' by the end."

The second video depicts Adler talking about the second and third tracks on 'The Vault,' 'Shoulder of Your God' and 'Condemn the Hive.' His brother, guitarist Willie Adler, wrote both of the tunes for 'Wrath,' but neither made the final cut because they were both more progressive than the rest of the material on the record. Both were later released on the Japanese edition of 'Wrath.'

"I fought for those songs to be on the album," Adler said in the video. "But in talking to everyone else, these were different than the bulk of the material. They didn't quite have their place in the puzzle that became 'Wrath.'"