Put down your dukes.

Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler has issued a statement to clarify comments that he made about Marilyn Manson and his sale statistics in 2012 while being interviewed by an Indian website. Turns out things were taken out of context.

Initially, Adler was asked about vocalist Randy Blythe's rant that the music business being in the toilet because Marilyn Manson's Born Villain debuted at No. 10 with only 38,000 copies sold. His response? "Randy and I don't always agree. According to me, Manson's career finished a long time ago."

Adler's clarification statement, provided exclusively to Blabbermouth, was meant to contextualize his comments and throws props to Manson for his earlier efforts. He blamed the fact that the interview was likely transcribed by hand, causing the meaning to be misconstrued and/or lost in translation.

Below is the entirety of Adler's statement:

"We are preparing to leave for our show in Bangalore, India this week. Very exciting for us. In preparation, we have been doing a lot of interviews for publications in India.

In a recent interview, I was asked what I thought of Randy's comments about the record industry dying based on a sales number achieved by Marilyn Manson.

My response was paraphrased, likely due to it being transcribed by hand during the interview. There were also some language issues that created a few misquotes here and there.

My full response was: 'Randy and I don't see eye to eye on everything. I agree that the commerce of the music industry is in a rough spot, but I personally wouldn't look to Marilyn Manson as a barometer.'

That's it. Antichrist Superstar is, to this day, one hell of a record. I saw the tour and was blown away. Incredible stuff.

I have no interest in publicly commenting on anyone's career path or choices. Not my business. We are all in this to create art and keep food on the table. Good luck to us all.