For their album 'For Death, Glory and the End of the World,' which is due out in February, Swiss metallers Kruger worked with Gojira's Joe Duplantier and Converge's Kurt Ballou. The band apparently has some key names in their handheld device's contact list! Duplantier recorded vocals on the song 'Muscle.'

"Joe is a old friend we've been knowing for a few years now," vocalist Renaud told Noisecreep."Playing together a few times and working on their Swiss shows as well, we just proposed to him to sing a few words on the upcoming album, and he immediately accepted, since he likes what we do almost as much as we love that he does with Gojira! We were actually very honored that he would spend a few hours on this."

Duplantier's voice is what adds that extra element to the song, too. "It's his voice, which is pretty something, isn't it?" Renaud said. "He [was] pretty busy touring with the Metallica old farts at the time we were recording, and we adapted a few vocal lines on the song we proposed him. It's so much fun hearing him sing 'our song.'"

As for working with noted producer Ballou in Massachusetts, it was a matter of returning to a well that worked for them! Renaud said, "We had been working with Kurt for the previous album 'Redemption,' and Kurt is a hell of a guy! Last time, we went to Salem partly in search for a big name behind the desk, but this time we flew over there because we truly appreciate the guy and the way he works. Then, the 'punk sound' he's used to [producing] with pretty much the 'dirty side' we try to develop along a more purely metal playing and sound."