"On the one hand, it's a compliment, I know," Krokus singer Marc Storace tells Noisecreep of all those AC/DC comparisons. "Of course, it's a big compliment. But you have to realize we do have a bit of pride. And me as a singer, I'm always compared to Bon Scott. And I think Bon Scott was not only a great singer but also a great lyricist and probably a very good human being. You could tell he had a good streak of good humor and everything. But still, where I'm coming from is probably where Bon came from. The influences we had and the vocal similarities probably stem from the [same] influences."

Pride or otherwise, Storace and the rest of Krokus recently opened up for AC/DC in Switzerland. Touting the event as coming full circle, the members of Krokus are happy to play alongside legends like AC/DC but would like everyone to remember they have their own unique sound.

Storace explains further, saying, "So it's this pooky blues-orientated hard rock music, which is very similar. It's just what AC/DC do. They stick to a more narrow spectrum with their formula, whereas Krokus does songs like 'Screaming in the Night,' a ballad which you never hear from AC/DC, I don't think. I mean, 'Right On' was the only song which you could probably recall was the only ballad by AC/DC; a blues song by Bon Scott. And so the comparison can be unjust because it's like it can be shallow; that's the way I see it. Because people who really study the two bands can see that there are many things which are not similar at all. Not just in the songwriting, but also in various techniques."

Storace was quick to add his pride in being asked to provide AC/DC support, saying all the members were "swept off their feet" when the invitation was extended.

The five members of Krokus are playing live again on the back of 'Hoodoo,' the band's first album of new studio material since the 2006 release 'Hellraiser.' The album personnel serves as a flashback: the men who recorded 'Hoodoo' also recorded 'One Vice at a Time.' More than 28 years have passed since 'One Vice at a Time' was recorded. 'One Vice at a Time' was followed by the band's most successful release, 1983's 'Headhunter.'

Like critics, Storace agrees that 'Hoodoo' is the logical follow-up to 'Headhunter.' He's not discounting all the albums Krokus created between 1983 to today, but he agrees there's a special chemistry evident on 'Hoodoo.' "We should have taken a long break actually and taken our time and written the next album, which would have been 'Hoodoo,'" Storace theorizes. "And actually 'Hoodoo' is the album that we tried to link up with the past, at the same time it has a new spirit. It is an album of today. But it links up in style and spirit through the 'Headhunter' era. So we're back together and we buried our hatchets."

Krokus earned a platinum award for 'Hoodoo' from their native Switzerland. Right now, there are no immediate plans for an American tour. Krokus will play many European festival dates this summer.