Pagan metal continues to rise in popularity, so what better to ask famed Finnish folk metallers Korpiklaani about than what the key ingredients of good folk metal are?

"Actually, I don't know I'm the right person to answer to this, because I count Korpiklaani more like a typical folk metal band. But I understand that nowadays, it is more or less in the same package with pagan metal," vocalist/guitarist Jonne Jarvela told Noisecreep. It makes sense for Jarvela to feel that way, since Korpiklaani started out as a folk band -- and then proceeded to add metallic elements to their music -- rather than the other way around. Jarvela continued, "I think pagan metal must be fun, folky and fast. Beer has always been very important to Finnish folk musicians, as it is now with metal musicians. You know, in the old days, if the booze and beer were good, so was the music."

Apparently, Homer Simpson isn't the only one who understands the redemptive qualities of a good lager. Jarvela also said that "the best beer is the free beer. It makes you feel stronger. There is no more feeling bad, since your eyes are shining and you are the real man."

Besides the psychosomatic effects and the logistical ramifications, beer is preferred over hard liquors because it is less harsh on your body! Jarvela theorized, "Beer has the same effect you can get from vodka, but you can't drink as much vodka as you can drink beer, which is always the bad side of hard booze, because drinking is good for you!"

Korpiklaani's 'Karkelo' is out now.