Korn are readying the release of their 11th (!!!) album 'The Paradigm Shift,' which welcomes prodigal son, guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch, back into the fold after a near-decade hiatus. The Bakersfield band premiered the brand new song 'Never Never' today. Give 'em a "like" on Facebook and you can stream the song, which sounds like the perfect marriage of vintage and modern Korn.

The song boasts those chunky, bottom-feeding riffs, the low-end bass thud and synthy breakdowns that have all been Korn signatures through the course of their long and storied career, therefore combining the Korn of old with more recent offerings. It's still a fresh sound, and even though Korn have made 11 albums, they don't sound tired, stale or dated; in fact, it's quite the opposite. Their deft hand with electronic accoutrements keeps things unpredictable.

There's a swell of eletronics that compliment the riffy, guitar-driven sound of the song. So rockers don't worry. Korn have not OD'd on the EDM influences. Instead, those are just an enhancement and a window dressing to a solid, gritty hard rock song with a crazy catchy, somewhat melancholic chorus, layered with "Ohs."

"It was an amazing night when we finished that song,” singer Jonathan Davis recalled about 'Never Never.' He also revealed the deeper meaning of the song, which turns out to be something we can all relate to. "It's a relationship song," Davis confessed. "You go through that s---and you get hurt so bad. Then you think, 'It's not worth it anymore. I'm not going to f---ing love again.' You experience so many pressures to be a good dad, a good husband, a good lover, or whatever. Being in a relationship is a lot of work."

Now go experience the new single 'Never Never' here.