A "shift" is underway in Korn, and it's reflected in the title for the band's upcoming album. 'The Paradigm Shift' is now on the release schedule, locked in for an Oct. 1 release this fall. This is a key album for Korn, who shook things up with the dubstep influenced 'The Path of Totality' disc in 2011, but they have since reunited with former guitarist Brian "Head" Welch.

Considering the major shift in sound on the last record combined with the return of the key member to the band, most fans are completely in the dark about what direction the group will take next. Luckily, Welch addressed that question in a new interview with Rolling Stone. He states, "I'm a metalhead. I love rock music and I came here just wanting to do the old Korn vibe with a new twist. Me and Munky have been playing guitar together for eight years, so we came in just wanting to jam out with the bass player Fieldy and Ray [Luzier], our drummer. … The end product is a really good mix of old Korn mixed with some new elements." Welch says this latest record takes the melodies, lyrics and choruses to "a new level," adding "It's my favorite album by Korn."

Though morale was high thanks to Head's return, singer Jonathan Davis admits he went through some rough times leading up to the writing of the disc. The singer says, "I had come off medication for my depression and that f---ed me up. I was in a straight haze. I detoxed off that medication -- it was an anti-depressant, the anxiety and stuff. I'd been on it for three years and the doctors told me you gotta get off this. It's bad for you."

The vocalist reveals he entered rehab and came out in a different creative headspace. "I moved into the studio. I stayed there for four months. I only came home on weekends. I moved my boys in with me, so I had my kids with me the whole time. It was an interesting creative space," says Davis. "It was stream-of-consciousness -- so many songs I don't know what the f--- I'm talking about. I didn't really have to write it, it just came out." Even though he's not exactly sure where the creative spark came from, Davis concludes, "I feel so good about this record. When I look back now, I'm like, 'Wow, how did I come up with this s---?'"

Look for more from Korn in the months leading up to the October release.